The Big Red Camaro Gets State-of-the-Art Cameras from Hanwha for Its New Home


Richard Gottlieb was 17 years old when he and his father Dan Gottlieb began working on the car. Their original intention was to find an extracurricular activity that would allow them to spend time together. Since then, the two have invested countless hours as well as 7-10 million dollars upgrading, refurbishing, restoring and improving the performance of the car. The Big Red Camaro is not a movie car. Officially, it is a serious, open-road racing car that has been setting records at the highest level for years.

In 2017, to protect their investment and ensure the continued success of the racing team, the Gottliebs began building a new home for their car in Victorville, California. The 16000 square foot facility was completed in September 2021. Along with a fabrication and machine shop for maintaining the car at peak performance, the facility also boasts a state-of-the-art video surveillance system with Hanwha Techwin cameras to help keep this priceless piece of American racing history safe.

It was clear from the beginning of the project that the site for the new facility would pose unique security challenges. Because of the kind of work being done on the car, which includes welding as well as working with toxic and highly volatile substances like racing fuels, the car had to be housed in an area zoned for light industry. These areas aren’t typically known for high security.

“With Hanwha, you get exceptional performance and great quality. The technology does what Hanwha says it will do and does it perfectly.”
— Howard Levinson, Expert Security Consulting


To help solve these challenges, the team hired Howard Levinson of Expert Security to design and implement the new security system. Levinson’s approach was to first look at the asset and then build the protection around it. As he explains, “I went through a risk and vulnerability assessment to determine the challenges related to protecting Big Red. One challenge was the fact that the building is only a few feet away from a major rail bed. And, while the back of the facility is fairly isolated, the front is very industrial.”

To address the coverage issues posed by the site’s layout, Levinson decided to tailor the camera selection to match the security requirements for each area. For the back of the facility, which is isolated and has several dumpsters, he installed Hanwha cameras with lowlight operability. Levinson also deployed in-camera masking so as to prevent passing trains from triggering motion alerts. Out front, he deployed Wisenet PNM-9030V multi-sensor panoramic cameras from Hanwha to provide a complete 180° view.

Each camera records a set number of frames per second, regardless of the situation. If the analytics in the camera detects movement or a possible threat, however, both the frame rate and image quality are automatically increased. This means that, when a potential incident starts, the security system immediately adjusts to improve the resolution of its video recordings.


Levinson appreciates how easy it was to deploy video analytics with the panoramic cameras. With ease-of-use in mind, Hanwha designed the chipset in the 180° cameras to allow analytics to be quickly and accurately set up for the entire field of view. As Levinson explains, “the Hanwha chipset made protecting the perimeter of the facility easy. All we needed to do to set up line crossing analytics around the site was to simply draw a line directly across the stitched together 180° view.” With any other multi-sensor, panoramic camera, users have to draw their lines on images from each individual sensor and then line them up afterwards to make sure everything is accurate.

In addition to the three Wisenet PNM-9030V panoramic cameras, the site also includes five Wisenet XNO-8020R bullet cameras, nine XND-6010 dome cameras, two QND-7030R dome cameras, and one QNO-7080R bullet camera. The team is excited about their new home and the functionality of their new video surveillance system. As Oliver says, “With Hanwha, you get exceptional performance and great quality. The technology does what Hanwha says it will do and does it perfectly.”

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