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November 2022 –

Hello HTA team,

As we pass the calendar’s mid-year point and gear up for a strong finish to 2022, I am once again heartened by the dedication and commitment of the entire HTA team. For the second consecutive year, we are on pace to finish ahead of revenue projections.

Our Sales, BD, NSI and A&E teams all contributed greatly to our first-half success, securing significant wins, delivering excellent customer support, and identifying new business opportunities. This growth is made possible through the contributions and collective efforts of our teams in Teaneck: CS, IS, PM, Marketing and Tech Support.

Such a sustained level of high performance only comes through teamwork. However, while our collective success is how we measure our company’s growth, there are also several outstanding individual performances that deserve recognition and are detailed in this issue. Please congratulate your colleagues when you see or speak to them.

We’ve on-boarded many new employees since ending 2021 in all areas across the company from marketing and sales to field support and operations. We will continue to add employees in key roles throughout the remainder of the year – another sign of our growth and bright future.

Due to the tremendous interest in our Hanwha Innovation and Technology Experience, or HITE, we’re looking into opening more locations in the West and Central regions as part of our ongoing investment plans to expand Hanwha’s footprint throughout the U.S.

In the meantime, I hope you’re all enjoying the summer while getting ready for a busy fall season. The next few months will be important as we all prepare for GSX, new product announcements, updates, exciting customer success stories and more.

Thank you!

Mr. C.H. Ha, President, Hanwha Techwin America


HTA YTD Net Sales (sell-in)

Dollars in mil.

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Getting On board with On-boarding

Mark Heintzman and Jason Clement recently demonstrated just how much work goes into on-boarding new technology partners. Mark and Jason spent 10 months working with Immix to complete an integration that was originally confirmed in 2018 to support the company with the onboarding of large projects.

Mark spearheaded this project by contacting Immix product management to set up the testing while Jason validated the existing integration. Jason began testing in December 2021 and immediately identified many problems with the current interface; for example, the Immix integration existed with Version 4.2, however did not work to specification.

The two collaborated closely with Immix to get the integration working, holding weekly meetings for about 4 months. Mark worked with Immix to develop documentation for a solution brief and an internal webinar.

Partner integrations are critical to HTA’s success and require significant ongoing efforts to accomplish successfully. With Immix, there are several potential opportunities, totaling up to $14 million per year. Congratulations Mark and Jason.


HTA’s “Pot Lucky” Day

The HTA team recently came together for some in-office camaraderie during the 1st Annual Hanwha Potluck. The HITE was the host venue for this food extravaganza, and it turned out to be the perfect way to get everyone in the holiday mood.

The variety was truly impressive, and everyone enjoyed sharing and sampling each other’s favorite foods and recipes.

Now, for the big news: all the votes are in and calculated, and your choices for Dish of the Day were:

     Best Appetizer/Side – YB’s Egg Rolls
     Best Main Dish – Nathan’s Beef Brisket
     Best Dessert – Bart’s Wife’s "Drunk Cake"

Thank you to everyone who participated and for a look back at the event, check out the photo slideshow – and remember to save room for next year’s event!


Technical Support Agents Making an Impact

HTA’s Technical Support group spent much of 2022 driving a self-resolution initiative, which included re-formatting Knowledge Base articles and launching a conversational AI Chatbot. This initiative couldn’t have been accomplished without some of our agents stepping out of their regular roles and taking on extra responsibilities. Although it was a team effort, several individuals deserve recognition:

Christopher Helmstetter is the driving factor behind the restructuring of the Knowledge Base. In addition to his standard support work, throughout 2022, Chris re-wrote or created 227 articles accounting for nearly 46% of all articles published this year. Chris’ contributions helped drive a 313% increase in Knowledge Base activity over 2021 (5,050 vs 20,860 distinct searches).

David Reyes and Erwin Pajarillo were instrumental in the September launch of our conversational AI chatbot. A cross-functional team of FAEs, Customer Service Agents, and Inside Sales helped develop a bot training program, with Erwin and David overseeing bot implementation and maintenance. Their work on the bot, which began in January 2022, resulted in a 70% containment rate of the 68% of customers who visited hanwhasecurity.com and support.hanwhasecurity.com and chose to ask the bot questions.


Congratulations all and we can’t wait to see what the team comes up with in 2023.


Hanwha's Media Machine

Have you recently received an email or voicemail requesting information that usually includes the words “urgent” or “due today”? If so, then you’ve worked with HTA’s public relations and media team, Infusion Direct Marketing. The team consists of Monique Merhige and Tom Di Nome, both experienced security industry PR and media professionals.

Monique has managed all media planning and ad buying for Hanwha Techwin since 2017, through her company Fusion Media Marketing. Her efforts have consistently delivered an annual strategic advertising plan that’s strengthened the HTA brand in the security industry, and most recently helped build brand recognition in HTA’s key vertical markets. In early 2022, the agency’s relationship with Hanwha expanded to include Public Relations services through its sister company, Infusion Direct Marketing. 

Monique and Tom previously worked together supporting Sony’s Security Systems Division for several years. Since joining forces again in early 2022, the two have continued their successful collaboration, keeping the Hanwha name front and center through ads, social media, thought leadership articles, case studies and press releases. This duo can also be found at the major industry trade shows lending support at the Hanwha booth and planning media events. The key to their success has been continually keeping a spotlight on Hanwha Techwin through consistent media outreach. Building the right relationships in the industry is extremely important in addition to working with HTA as an extension of their marketing and PR team. 

HITE Entrance

The Hanwha Innovation and Technology Experience, known simply as the “HITE,” is living up to its name since opening in our Teaneck, N.J., office in early 2022. The Center has successfully hosted more than XX tours and XX events with customers and partners. Hanwha will attempt to recreate this success with the opening of two new HITE facilities in major U.S. cities in 2023. Stay tuned for more details.



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