Field Of View Calculator (Legacy)

The Hanwha field of view (FOV) calculator will provide the amount of a given scene captured by the camera. It will also provide the angle of view or angle of coverage. The Hanwha FOV determines the FOV by utilizing three elements: the lens and sensor element within the camera and where the camera is positioned in relation to the scene.

Our new Wisenet ToolBox features three applications in one!

Wisenet ToolBox includes:

  • Product selector
  • FoV Calculator
  • Bandwidth and Storage Calculator
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Please note: In order to install please follow steps below.

  • 1. Install DotNet FX40 Client
  • 2. Install VCRedist_x86
  • 3. Install WindowsInstaller3_1
  • 4. Install FoV Calculator_Setup.msi

The full version download includes pre-requisite software.

Last version:

Field Of View Calculator V 4.10 (Full)

Field Of View Calculator V 4.10 (Lite)


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