iPOLiS Mobile (Discontinued)

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iPOLiS Mobile (Discontinued)
Smartphone application for iOS / Android

iPOLiS Mobile app lets you to view the live video and control pan/tilt/zoom functions from your network cameras anywhere with your smartphone. iPOLiS mobile is a free application designed to provide flexible monitoring of your security cameras and recording devices.

Supports iOS / Android

This app is for legacy recorders. For current recorders, cameras, & encoders, please use the Wisenet Mobile App.

Key Features
Key Features:
  • Live streaming video with PTZ control
  • Supported format : H.265/H.264, MJPEG
  • Calendar Search/Playback/Bookmark functions
  • Register up to 1,000 camera
  • Compatible with DDNS (Dynamic domain naming service)
  • Supports iOS / Android
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iPOLiS-Mobile Android v2.8.3 Software

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iPOLiS-Mobile Android v2.8 Software

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iPOLiS-mobile Android v2.7.1 Software

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iPOLiS Mobile iOS v2.8 Manual

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iPOLiS Mobile Android v2.8 Manual

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