The Hanwha Techwin Advantage

Proven technology. Unrivaled performance. Trusted partner.

To provide the most advanced solutions for securing people, property and data while delivering a superior customer experience through continuous innovation, unparalleled service and the highest standards of integrity.

Hanwha Techwin is a leading manufacturer in the security industry, demonstrating consistent growth for more than 40 years. Hanwha Techwin is part of the Hanwha Group, a Fortune Global 500 company and one of the largest conglomerates in South Korea. In operation for over 60 years, the Hanwha Group has gained manufacturing expertise and in-depth market knowledge in producing the highest quality, precision products serving the aerospace, defense and security industries.

Hanwha Techwin offers a comprehensive line of security and video surveillance solutions which include IP cameras that support up to 8K resolution, a video management system, video and audio analytics, multi-sensor technologies and device integration with a host of 3rd party application providers.Our intelligent surveillance solutions are used globally, securing people, property and data across a range of industries including retail, transportation, education, banking, healthcare, hospitality, airports and more.

commitment to innovation


Wisenet 7 SoC

Hanwha Techwin designs and builds its SoCs (System on Chip) at its own manufacturing facilities - from our first chipset in 2005 to the latest generation: Wisenet 7, our most technology-intensive, innovative and feature-rich SoC.

Wisenet 7 SoC


Hanwha Techwin technologies are built on a foundation of optical design expertise, world-class manufacturing capabilities and image processing innovation.



Hanwha Techwin fully controls every step of its manufacturing process: designing, assembling and building all key elements of our products in-house forming the Supply Chain of Trust.


Cybersecurity – Built from the ground up


Hanwha Techwin security policies begin at the factory, with our own device certification issuing system embedding certificates and encryption keys into each chip.

UL Cap Certified

Our latest network video surveillance cameras equpped the Wisenet 7 SoC acquired the UL CAP (Cybersecurity Assurance Program) certification, meeting all UL evaluation cybersecurity criteria: network penetration, access control, encryption and software updates.

The Result

A fully secure end-to-end surveillance workflow, assuring all video is securely stored, encrypted and accessible only by authorized users.


Building a sustainable future

Hanwha Techwin is committed to being a zero risk company.

Our strict environmental and safety policies extend to accident prevention and emergency response to product manufacturing. We are committed to the proper disposal and recycling of materials.

Our company-wide “Green” initiatives ensure no materials or parts used will harm the environment, our customers or our employees.

Our products are built with a minimal carbon footprint, reduced energy consumption and a lead-free solder design.

Our teams are committed to identifying energy inefficiencies in our manufacturing facilities.

Hanwha Techwin is fully compliant with all international standards and regulations for environmental and safety management, including REACH and RoHS.

Milestones & Landmarks

Hanwha Techwin has a rich history of security industry landmark achievements, with a legacy of “firsts” including:


Korea’s first auto-iris lens for CCTV cameras developed


World’s first ultra-thin, 8MP module ‘ABACUS’ developed


Industry’s first 55x IR PTZ IP camera (XNP-6550RH)


Industry’s first 8K IP camera (TNB-9000)