Smart Viewer 4.9

DVR Management Software

  • Display up to 36 cameras at once
  • Support for full screen mode
  • Easily display a camera to desired position with the drag & drop method
  • Easily display a camera to desired position by double-clicking camera title
  • Support for sequence function (automatic screen transition)
  • Favorite view & sequence of favorites
  • Fishey dewarping & PTZ camera control
  • Edge Recording configuration
  • Up to 16 videos simultaneous playback
  • Video export (viewer included)
  • Search and play recorded data by event type
  • User login & access privilege setup
  • Save both device and smart viewer configuration as a file
  • Log search (search by system, user, record or backup log)
  • Automatic self upgrade (connection to upgrade server)
Smart Viewer 4.9


SmartViewer 4.9


SmartViewer v4.9.6 User Manual

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