Stainless Steel Cameras


Stainless steel camera bodies are suitable for installation in harsh weather and marine environments without compromising on camera technology or quality.

  • Extreme environment resistance: IP6K9K Rated to withstand high-pressure wash and corrosive chemicals
  • Nylon dome cover: Withstands discoloration caused by repeated washing
  • Safe for clean-room environments: No-paint, stonewash finish will never chip or flake
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2MP 32x PTZ
12MP Stainless Steel IR Fisheye Camera
2MP Stainless Steel IR Dome
5MP Stainless Steel IR Dome
PNM-9002VQS (Discontinued)
Stainless Steel 4x 2MP / 5MP Multi-sensor Multi-directional camera
XNP-6320HS (Discontinued)
2MP 32x Stainless steel PTZ
XNV-6080RS (Discontinued)
2MP Stainless Steel IR Dome
XNV-6120RS (Discontinued)
2MP 12X IR Stainless steel Dome
XNV-8080RS (Discontinued)
5MP Stainless Steel IR Dome

Showing all 9 results