SSM (Enterprise v1.6) (Discontinued)

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SSM (Enterprise v1.6) (Discontinued)
Total Security Management Software
SSM is an one-stop management software platform that maximizes the efficiency of Wisenet network products. The client-server architecture features stable video surveillance system management through multi-sites and multi-clients configuration. Access to live/recorded videos is extremely easy from remote sites making it suitable for medium to large-scale multi site applications.
Key Features
Key Features:
  • Centralized Management - The system manager can configure all servers, cameras, recorders as one system in one UI and setup user/group policy for all systems.
  • Distributed Computing Architecture - With its module-based system architecture, SSM can manage from small to large system because various combinations of modules can meet any end-user needs and system requirements
  • Extended Scalability - In addition to small to medium sized systems, SSM is a suitable solution for enterprise sites with numerous features for high-end market such as federation, failover, 3rd party integration.
  • Guaranteed Reliability - Because reliability is the key of surveillance system, SSM will keep your system alive at any time through 1-n failover system, auto network-fail recovery (ARB) and full system dashboard.
  • Flexible System Integration - With Transaction server, 3rd party system like access control and intrusion detection will be easily integrated with SSM as one solution.
  • Efficient Monitoring - Event action triggered by rule, event-centered monitoring and processing support make operators to focus only on a meaningful subject.
  • Powerful Search Engine - 9 types of search methods make operators fi nd evidences very quickly and easily. Especially Video Summary feature shows 1 minute video clip for 24 hours.
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SSM v1.6 Specifications

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SSM-TS v1.60.0 Software

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