SRD-870DC (Discontinued)

 Discontinued - Suggested Replacement SRD-873D

SRD-870DC is a high performance 8 channel recording solution with embedded Linux and H.264 codec technology. This DVR records up to 240/200 (NTSC/PAL) fps at 4-CIF resolution. The SRD-870DC comes equipped with up the coax support feature and multiple RS-485 protocol support.


8CH 4CIF H.264 Real-time Digital Video Recorder
  • smart phone


Key Features:

• 8CH 4CIF real-time DVR
• Up to 240(NTSC) / 200(PAL)fps recording rate   
• Max. 5 internal HDD (HDD x 5)
• PTZ control via coaxial cable [Samsung CCVC, Pelco-C (Coaxitron)]
• Support for smart phone

A & E Specs