Hanwha Techwin America is pleased to offer Wisenet Professional Certification to its STEP Partners. Our recertification program is a blended learning experience consisting of online training modules, a live hands-on virtual classroom session, and final exam.  We know that a lot may have changed since you became a Wisenet Certified Professional, so want to update your knowledge with the latest information on the Wisenet products and software.  This will allow you to install, configure, and maintain your systems with ease.

The core curriculum is taught over a series of online training modules, which you take at your own pace.  At the end of each module is a short knowledge check.  At the end of the program, there is an open-note final exam.  There is also a monthly opportunity to attend a live webinar to see the Wisenet Device Manager, WAVE VMS, & more in action, as well as a chance to ask questions and interact with the training staff.

The program was developed for security industry design professionals and technical salespeople. Our curriculum will teach you the latest in network video surveillance technologies, increase your proficiency in Hanwha products and allows you to adopt best practices for installation and implementation of video surveillance solutions.

If you have not received your invitation to enroll in the recertification course, please contact training@hanwha.com

Why Attend?

Learning and education are essential to any organization’s success because it improves business results, operational efficiency and increases organizational competitiveness. The goal of our Wisenet Certification Program is to increase the knowledge, understanding and expertise on Hanwha’s IP video surveillance products and network technology for security industry design professionals and technical salespeople.  This recertification keeps your knowledge up to date.

Who Should Attend?

  • System Integrators
  • Security Installers
  • Security Dealers
  • Technical Sales Personnel
  • System Design Professionals

Recertification Will

  • Broaden your expertise on Hanwha’s solutions
  • Increase your proficiency of Hanwha products
  • Distinguish you and your company as Wisenet Certified
  • Adopt best practices for securing your surveillance devices
  • Explain the benefits and uses of core security technologies

Benefits of Wisenet Recertification

Exclusive to Hanwha STEP Partners

Dedicated toll-free number for Tier 2 support

Tier 2 level SAE field support

Participation in Hanwha partner events

Satisfies requirement of STEP Partner agreement


The Wisenet Professional Recertification Program is free of charge for Hanwha STEP Partners 


You will receive an email invitation when your orginal Wisenet Professional Certification is to expire within 2 months.  Your account will be enrolled in the recertification training module.


Sign in to the Wisenet eLearning Institute and select the Wisenet Progessional Recertification course from your course catalog


Complete the training modules at your own pace


Receive your Wisenet Certification upon passing the exam

Webinars for Technicians Enrolled in the Recertification Process

These webinars provide an opportunity for technicians to see the latest developments with the Wisenet Device Manager, Wisenet WAVE VMS, & more. An open Q&A session will take place at the end allowing all attendees to get their questions about using Wisenet products answered.
Date Title Time
September 30, 2020 Wisenet Professional Recertification 12:00 PM ET Enroll now.
October 30, 2020 Wisenet Professional Recertification 12:00 PM ET Enroll now.
November 30, 2020 Wisenet Professional Recertification 12:00 PM ET Enroll now.
December 28, 2020 Wisenet Professional Recertification 12:00 PM ET Enroll now.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q - Is anyone eligible to attend the Wisenet Professional Recertification course?

A - Wisenet Professional Recertification is exclusive to Hanwha North America STEP Partners who have completed the course in the past 3 years.

2. Q - How long is my certification valid?

A - Wisenet Professional Recertification is valid for an additional three years.

3. Q - If I leave my company, can I keep my certification?

A - Yes, you keep your certification and can request that Hanwha issue you a certification with your new company name.

4. Q - Do I need to get recertified if I join a different STEP Partner company?

A - No, you only have to recertify when your certification expires after three years.

Log into the Wisenet eLearning Institute
portal here, with your credentials.