Repair Form

Welcome to the Hanwha repair request support page. We are pleased to announce the following enhancements: The system checks the serial number and calculates the warranty period based on the date of manufacture. If your unit falls within this “calculated” warranty period, the repair authorization form will be e-mailed to you within minutes of submitting your request.

If the unit falls outside the warranty period or the warranty status cannot be determined (e.g. serial number is not found in the database), the system will send you a request acknowledgement e-mail with the information you submitted.

Please protect yourself and your HTA product by ensuring that you only purchase HTA products from an Authorized HTA Dealer.

You may upload a copy of original sales invoice to assist us to establish the date of original purchase and the warranty status. A customer service representative will review the request and, if necessary, contact you to complete the authorization process.

Hanwha STEP Partners Advanced Replacement - Click Here for Advanced Replacement Program Access(Note: this program is limited to Diamond, Gold and Silver Partners only.)

Click here to launch Hanwha Repair Form.


Model Number Entry
- Click on the search icon next to the Model field
- Enter the numeric digits of the model number and click SEARCH
- Select the matching model number from the list

Serial Number Entry
- After typing the serial number, click on “Click here to check if S/N is on file”
- The system will let you know whether or not the serial number was found
- If the serial number is not found, check the “Need Help” box and finish completing the form. The initial warranty status will be shown as “Out-of-Warranty”. The actual status will be reviewed and finalized by our customer service team before sending you the repair authorization form.

Problem Description 
- A description of the actual symptom is very helpful to aid the repair technician duplicate the problem. Avoid using terms such as “dead”, “does not work” etc.