Repair Form Instructions and Repair Terms

• The customer is responsible to ship the defective unit prepaid to the repair center. Hanwha returns the unit via prepaid UPS Ground Service.

• The on-line system performs an initial warranty determination. If warranty eligibility cannot be established, the initial status is set to out-of-warranty. If you believe that the unit is within the warranty period, you can upload a copy of your original purchase receipt for review by our CS team.

• If warranty eligibility is confirmed, the system will send a Repair RMA confirmation email to use as your repair authorization form. Shipping instructions and the shipping address are included in the confirmation email. Please include a copy of the email with your defective unit.

• If the initial warranty status is set as out-of-warranty, the system will send an email acknowledging the repair request. DO NOT ship your unit for repair at this time. After the actual warranty status is confirmed by our CS team, you will receive the Repair RMA confirmation email to use as your repair authorization form.

- A credit card is required to submit an out-of-warranty repair request. An initial HOLD for $199 is placed on the credit card during which time the CS team will evaluate the proof-of-purchase documentation, if provided.  

- If warranty eligibility is confirmed, the HOLD is cancelled. Otherwise the repair request is processed on an out-of-warranty basis and the credit card is charged the $199 flat rate repair.
NOTE: The $199 flat rate does not cover physically damaged units.  

• Repairs are warranted for ninety (90) days from the date of repair for the same problem/same component failure.