Wisenet SKY Cloud VMS


Simple. Scalable. Secure.

Traditional video security systems require substantial amounts of hardware, complicated installations and constant software maintenance and management. Wisenet SKY Cloud VMS offers users enterprise-level performance with easy deployment, remote management, and seamless integration with third party systems.


Enterprise Equipped

Spend less time managing your video surveillance system and more time running and optimizing your business. Our powerful analytics provide you with information you can act on, bringing to light employee training gaps, alerting you of potential safety liabilities, providing necessary audit trails, and simplifying compliance reporting.


Exceptional Reliability

Every one of the 11 Wisenet SKY cloud facilities around the globe is protected by multi-layered physical and digital security measures while redundant internet and power outage protection ensures that your data is safe and accessible at all times.

Every Wisenet SKY cloud facility is protected by:

  • 72-Hour Power Outage Protection
  • Dual Power Sources Redundant
  • Cooling Redundant Internet
  • Connectivity Multi-Layered
  • Physical Security Triple
  • Redundant Storage

Quick Deployment, Secure Access

The Wisenet SKY Cloud VMS does not require open ports, allowing only outbound connections to the Wisenet SKY Cloud. Business owners can rest assured that their business is always secure and accessible from anywhere in the world.


  • Single Sign-On Two-factor
  • Authentication Video Encrypted at
  • Rest and in Transit Camera Isolation
  • Privacy Mode Support PIN
  • Verfication Customizable
  • Password Rules Key Management

Maximum Flexibility

Wisenet SKY supports thousands of IP and analog camera models, allowing you to leverage any new or existing infrastructure. Custom retention policies and hybrid cloud options allow you to pay only for what you need while our open source API and SDK allow you to add additional functionality to your system via 3rd party integrations.


A Complete Ecosystem

Wisenet SKY is comprised of a combination of specialized hardware bridges, switches, display stations, and recording devices to help you reach your surveillance system's full potential.

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SW26m Switch
Wisenet SKY Cloud VMS 24 port Managed Network Switch
SFP Optical MMF Module SWSFP
Wisenet SKY Cloud VMS Network Module
DS100 Local Display Station
Wisenet SKY Local Display Station
DS200 Local Display Station
Wisenet SKY Local Display Station
SW05m Switch
Wisenet SKY 4 Port Network Switch
SW10m Switch
Wisenet SKY 8 Port Network Switch
SW18m Switch
Wisenet SKY? 16 Port Network Switch
CMVR 420
Wisenet SKY CMVR
CMVR 520
Wisenet SKY CMVR 520
CMVR 620
Wisenet SKY CMVR 620
CMVR 820
Wisenet SKY CMVR
Bridge 401
Wisenet SKY Bridge
Bridge 501
Wisenet SKY Bridge
CMVR 320
Wisenet SKY CMVR
CMVR 324
Wisenet SKY CMVR
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Wisenet SKY CMVR
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Wisenet SKY Bridge
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Wisenet SKY Bridge
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