Wisenet 5

Wisenet 5 is Hanwha’s most powerful chipset ever incorporated into a full camera range with an all-new architecture that enables faster processing. This self-developed chip incorporates advanced features and delivers extreme performance suited to a wide range of video surveillance applications. Explore our Wisenet X series cameras featuring Wisenet 5, to experience the difference.

Superb Features with Hanwha's Core Technology

▪ 5MP@30 fps, 2MP@60 fps
▪ WDR - 150dB @ 2MP / 120dB @ 5MP
▪ Low light noise reduction technology
▪ Wisestream II compression
▪ USB port
▪ Dual SD card slot
▪ Sound classification
▪ Enhanced Video Analytics
▪ Fog Detection
▪ PTZ Hand-over
▪ Highlight Compensation (HLC)
▪ High Power IR LEDs

Best-in-Class 150dB Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

Conventional WDR captures images by taking 2 frames taken at different exposures, whereas Wisenet X series cameras utilize 4 frame capture at different exposure levels to create a combined image. With the development of cutting-edge WDR technology, Wisenet X series cameras address a limitation found in conventional WDR cameras while producing clear and vivid images.

Monitor Color Images Even in Low-Light Environments

With the new, powerful Wisenet 5 chipset and processing technology, combined with Hanwha Techwin's outstanding lens technology, Wisenet X series achieves optimal performance in low-light conditions by capturing and producing crystal-clear images including true-color images without IR LEDs, regardless of the environment or time of day.

Improved Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) with Gyro Sensor

Advances in Hanwha’s image stabilization technology allow for the reduction of motion blur caused by wind or vibration. A gyroscopic sensor plus DIS technology is specifically designed and engineered into select Wisenet X-series cameras resulting in sharp, stable images.

Advanced Compression with WiseStreamⅡ

Using WiseStreamⅡ, Hanwha Techwin’s video compression technology, Wisenet X series reduces data by up to 99% compared to the previous version of WiseStream when combined with H.265 compression. The costs of configuring and maintaining the system are also greatly reduced, while still maintaining the same pixels and high quality.

More Convenient Installation with USB

Using a compatible USB adapter and the free Wisenet installation app on a mobile device, adjusting the camera angle and focus is simpler. Additional devices are not required for installation, reducing installation time and costs.

Dual SD Card Slots

Dual SD card slots support up to 512 GB of storage at the edge, preserving stored data in the event of an unstable network connection.

Minimize Lens Distortion

Lens distortion typically causes the straight lines near the edge to curve outwards from the center of the image. With Lens Distortion Correction technology integrated into the Wisenet X series, image imperfections can be easily corrected.

Enhanced Video Analytics and Sound Classification

Wisenet X series features a variety of new, exclusive Video and Audio Analytics, providing enhanced monitoring solutions and market intelligence.

Fog Detection

Wisenet X series delivers outstanding image quality in foggy weather conditions with the Fog Detection feature. Images covered by fog are automatically fine-tuned with the defog feature to provide crystal clear images.

PTZ Hand-Over

Hanwha's unique PTZ hand-over feature allows a PTZ camera to receive alarm notifications (motion detection) from other Wisenet X series cameras connected to the same IP video surveillance system. Once the notification is received, the PTZ camera will move to the assigned preset camera location. The hand-over feature enhances the surveillance system efficiency by reducing reliability on the system operator to track events while maximizing the likelihood of capturing and recording critical events for areas under surveillance.

Highlight Compensation (HLC)

Camera detects areas of an image that are overexposed and reduces the brightness of these areas, improving the overall quality and usability of the image.

Powerful IR LEDs

Conventional IR illumination provides intense light at the center of an image, degrading quickly as it moves away from the center. Wisenet X series cameras use powerful IR LEDs that provide a wide angle of uniform IR light across a scene for a wider image capture area.

Defocus Detection

If a camera goes out of focus, an alarm notification will be sent to users, allowing them to adjust camera focus. Users can also adjust the focus via the network for 4MP cameras equipped with vari-focal lens.

People Counting & Heatmap Function

Our X series fisheye cameras supports license-free People Counting business analytics. This feature supports data search, report and graph functions.

Queue Line Management

Provides statistical analysis and measurement for average dwell time and number of people in queues. This insight is critical for business to manage their operations more efficiently, while providing the insight necessary to manage campaigns, displays and promotions throughout retail locations.

Fixed Lens Coverage

The 2.4mm fixed focal lens in the Wisenet X series provides a wider area of coverage compared with the 2.8mm lens in our Wisenet III camera line. This results in an effective increase of ~27° in horizontal viewing angle.